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Tube Expanders

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Tube Expanding is the art of reducing a tube wall by compressing the outer diameter of the tube against a fixed container such as rolling tubes into tube sheets, drums, ferrules or flanges.

Construction of heat exchangers, boilers, and surface condenser tubes is mainly limited to copper, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron with exceptions such as the use of titanium in ultra high pressure vessel applications.

To assure a proper tube joint, the tube wall must be reduced by a predetermined percentage dependent upon the material the tube is constructed of. Pneumatic or hydraulic torque rolling devices with an expander are used to expand the end of the tube so it seals against the tube sheet of the vessel.

It is important to note that the type of tool has to be with paired not only with material but also the inner and outer dimensions of the tube as well. Thickness of the tube sheet (what each individual tube is inserted into) has to be taken into consideration during tube removal or installation procedures. Pipe ltd supply an extensive range of Tube Expanders and equipment for the production and maintenance of Heat exchangers, Boilers and Condensors. Ranging from 3/8” – 6” o/d

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